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  “Being a student member of TCSHRM was an extremely rewarding experience. I connected with several professionals who expanded my HR knowledge and professionalism exponentially. I made sure to take advantage of events, such as an HR Data Analytics conference. This introduced me to companies I now dream of working with, cutting-edge HR topics that I continue to research, and a valuable network of mentors. Finally, TCSHRM made a huge impact for me personally when I was chosen as a TCSHRM scholarship recipient. Not only did this award help me through the financial burdens of school, but it offered me the opportunity to go an extra conference that encouraged me to go to more events and expand the value of my student membership. TCSHRM was a huge part of my development into the HR professional I am today.” - Michaela Birchaman



“I have been a member of TCSHRM for two years and have attended most of the monthly meetings and events during that time.  Each month, I look forward to a new TCSHRM event where I can network with fun, smart, engaged members; learn about a topic related to Human Resources, Leadership and/or Career Development; and earn credits toward my certification.  I always take away some information or practical skill that I can use in my work or personal life.  TCSHRM has been a great resource for me.” - Megan Foley, Member Relations Manager at MRA




“I joined Twin Cities SHRM as a student member while pursuing my undergraduate degree at the University of Minnesota. I found great value in the student event offerings, gaining knowledge and building relationships with professionals and other students. I am also incredibly thankful to TCSHRM for the generous scholarship award that I received my senior year. I highly encourage HR students to join TCSHRM – the organization has provided me with many opportunities to learn professional skills, grow as a leader through volunteerism and build my professional network – all things that my current and past employers have valued." - Krysta Kaner




“I became involved in TCSHRM through the SHRM Chapter at the University of St. Thomas. Through this experience, I was able to experience the benefits of TCSHRM while being a student. Scholarships, networking, and conferences were all a wonderful part of my development. After graduating, I had the opportunity to join TCSHRM's College and University Relations Team. As part of the team, I am able to bring new students to the organization and share the TCSHRM experience.” - Paige Fellows





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