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We believe that it’s important to ensure the future of our industry. This requires a commitment to continual growth. It demands personal involvement. And it necessitates educational programs to keep all of us on the very cutting edge of human resources, with the latest tools, technologies, and techniques essential to moving us forward as we face exciting new challenges in the years to come. To make this happen, we partner with our parent organization: the SHRM Foundation.


SHRM Foundation

The SHRM Foundation was founded in 1966 as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). It is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors from the HR profession, including academics, practitioners and representatives from SHRM.

The Foundation funds research, publications and education to advance the HR profession and enhance the effectiveness of HR professionals. With an annual budget of approximately $1 million, it funds major research projects that have a direct and practical impact in advancing the HR profession. To support this important work, the SHRM Foundation conducts fundraising campaigns throughout the year to raise awareness and funds to support important SHRM Foundation programs such as innovative academic research, scholarships, educational programs, and practitioner resources. *All contributions to the Foundation are tax-deductible.


SHRM Foundation Mission Statement & Strategic Objectives

The SHRM Foundation maximizes the impact of the HR profession on organizational decision-making and performance by promoting innovation, education, research, and the use of research-based knowledge. The SHRM Foundation will:

  • Be a preeminent broker/source of valued research knowledge.
  • Broaden the understanding and application of research-based knowledge and techniques to the HR professional.
  • Make research-based knowledge accessible and actionable for the HR profession.
  • Develop and nurture funding sources for the Foundation's work.

How does TCSHRM support SHRM?

As an affiliate chapter of SHRM, TCSHRM supports the Foundation by:

  • Building awareness of the SHRM Foundation.
  • Encouraging its members to give during fundraising campaigns.
  • Supporting the Foundation by providing prizes at the SHRM State Conference.
  • Providing financial support to the Foundation on an annual basis.

What's in it for me as an HR professional?

To ensure your success, it is critical that you stay current with our field’s emerging trends, practices, and processes. Dedicated to helping the HR professional, the SHRM Foundation provides assistance by these and other many other means:

  • Providing results from research. (See the SHRM Foundation Reports below.)
  • Awarding several grants, scholarships and awards to promote your standing within the HR profession.
  • Compiling an on-line directory of undergraduate and graduate programs in HR management.


SHRM Foundation Reports for HR Professionals

Human Resource Strategy, Adapting to the Age of Globalization

Globalization of individual companies and capital markets has changed the business landscape. To respond, companies must manage their assets as effectively as possible— especially their human assets. This report explores a variety of ways to adapt your overall HR strategy to the new realities of global competition.

Click Here for the Report

Retaining Talent

One of the most critical issues facing your organization today is how to retain the employees you want to keep. This new Effective Practice Guidelines report will help you to analyze and manage employee turnover. Learn how to develop an effective retention management plan.

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Strategic Research on Human Capital Challenges

New SHRM Foundation research identifies biggest human capital challenges. In a survey of 526 C-suite executives, 75 percent identified succession planning as a significant challenge for their organizations. Other challenges include recruiting and selection, and retaining talented employees.

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Developing Leadership Talent

Effective succession planning involves more than just a replacement planning process. It also includes a comprehensive employee development system. Learn how to develop talent in your organization.

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